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Local SEO, By Rankno1… Did you know that localization is important when it comes to local seo? Kristiansand, Norway, is the city where Rank No. 1 has its headquarters and therefore the city is also important for us. The same should apply to you and your location, because every fifth search in Google is a local search (keyword + place).

A good example is: if you lived in Dorchester and you wanted to find a local company to work on your site for Local SEO UK then you would simply do a search for “SEO Dorchester“. In doing this search in Google, you will see that we rank well there and we can cater for business owners local to Bournemouth, and we are also showing that we CAN deliver exactly what we say we can as the search result is evident. This is very important to us and our clients.

ALL the large companies in ALL industries dominate the search engines using services such as ours. Local business is booming and to be found for your own keywords based on location and industry is a massive achievement and rewarding to you and your business.

Get local visibility – with local SEO

Although the web is global, we like to shop locally. If you are in London and need a carpenter, you type: Carpentry in London. If you are in UK and need help with SEO UK you write: SEO UK. Therefore it is important to make itself visible in local search with use of local seo experts, like Rank no.1, whether you are a plumber, electrician or operates a store.

As much as 60% of all buying decisions are made on the internet. This according to a survey conducted by the Marketing Leadership Council MLC. They have done a survey of 1,900 customers to check their purchase behavior. The cut was at 60% in most industries. Dare you to lose 60% of your market to competitors?

You must be the dominant player in your market, for example SEO UK Specialists.

To be the dominant player in the market, it is essential to be visible on the Internet. Your competition is actively working to gain market share. It is a MUST for you to get started, so you don’t get left behind your competition!

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Rank no.1, leading Global SEO Specialists, serving high quality Local SEO UK Services. Our proven strategic solutions are built for a solid foundation and growth in any industry around the world. seo uk

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