SEO Boosts and Package Upgrades

Please use the products and add-ons on this page to increase your rankings further. If you have multiple projects with us or wish to upgrade the monthly and a boost, then simply return to this page after purchase and select further add-ons.

As you will be aware, the boost on month one is hugely effective and so we like to offer these every so often.

There are 3 levels of boosts you can apply, or you have the option to upgrade your existing package. Anything you choose to do on this page will help towards your goals, this is a hugely impactful and effective SEO strategy.

Boost examples

If you want to invest into your project further then this is by far the most effective way of doing so.

Or scroll to the bottom of this page to do package add-ons to your monthly SEO.

Boost add-on


£1000one time
  • Standard boost

Start up Boost

£1500one time
  • Same boost as on month one

Premium Boost

£2000one time
  • More powerful premium boosting

The above charts show the average results of our boost packages. We cannot guarantee all boosts will respond in the same way. All projects and niches are different and will respond accordingly. However the great news is, adding a boost adds more authority to the domain and helps with the overall gains. So regardless of the initial response, it’s speeding up the journey to the end goal.

Package upgrade

Below are the extra add-ons you can apply to your current package.

Extra 2 keywords

  • Adds more to your exisiting package

Extra 5 keywords

  • Adds more to your exisiting package

Extra 10 keywords

  • Adds more to your exisiting package

If you purchase either a boost or an add-on to your monthly package, please also let us know by sending an email to so we can implement it straight away.