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I’ve worked with the Rank No.1 for many years now and Its obvious why they are the premier UK SEO company. James and Terje have extensive knowledge in all things digital marketing and web design.

George Eblacker

Our work load has increased significantly and their services have proved to be excellent value for money. Look forward to working together moving forward. Thanks. Alan

Alan Fraser

I have tried numerous SEO companies who always promised first page rankings but failed miserably, James at Rankno1 has provided an honest, highly cost effective SEO service

Richard F


By professionals you trust! 

SEO Services

We provide independently recommended SEO Services across all sectors

Rank No.1 are the leading UK SEO Agency with a collective experience of 40 years of EXCELLENCE between the companies 3 co-founders. Serving our proven SEO Service solution in all sectors of business. Voted by many as a top SEO Service provider.

Business to Business SEO Services

We excel in business to business digital marketing. Approx. 72% of new start up businesses consider an online presence right from the very start of any new venture. Meaning that even before a product or service is even available, an online marketing website and campaign is being planned.

Using a proven technique which has been fine tuned over many years, we help companies such as yours, to gain a targeted audience to sell your services and products.

E – Commerce SEO Services

Selling services and products online using a shopping cart system with payment gateways. These sites are structured differently to a regular static business site. There are lots of scripts and coding all working together to fulfill a checkout.

These require a special seo service with work on structure, content and building an offsite reputation in the form of backlinks.

Static advertising site SEO Services

SEO for the smaller standard non dynamic websites. This requires some carefully thought structure, content, and backlink building.

Generally smaller in size and less complex in structure to that of the E-Commerce website, but just as much calculation and work goes into building the authority.

What makes our SEO Serviecs the No.1 choice?

That’s simple, we deliver a sensible and affordable solution that actually works. Costs are very much secondary, there is no point in reaching somebody’s budget if the campaign is not funded correctly and the results not achievable within the said budget. However, once we have found the solution as far as taking sustainable action is concerned, we then make sure we reach a sensible budget. This means the client is investing in a solution which actually works but also meets the needs of the company financially.

There are 3 key areas…

seo services reportOnsite technical SEO

Every online success story starts with an audit of the website. In fact this is a continued strategy so to keep up with the changes that Google make to their algorithms. Software that we use is updated on a regular basis and filters are set high to capture everything we can, so we are able to decide on every aspect of the technical SEO and leaving nothing to trip us up later.

Content creation

Content creation is an extension to the onsite work and in many cases recommended from the technical audit. We can create content for you or you can follow our recommendation, again this will come down to budget and if you wish to take control of this step. We will guide and produce a plan of action in this area to help toward aiding the overall results.

seo services reportBuilding backlinks

Backlinks are how you build authority. Of course all three parts to this strategy are important in working together, they all play a part in the bigger picture. But, The backlinks are where the bulk of the continued monthly work comes into play and how we can strategically control and build the different metrics of your domain, this in turn will move your website through the serps for your keywords.

The potential to increase your web traffic and revenue through SEO and Google Ads is often higher than you think. Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for your development.

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