SEO Audit – Great decision so far…

But now you have two options

Just take a moment to check out the two options below and then decide the way forward for your business

Option 2

An audit is not a one time trick, it’s something you need to implement as a long term strategy and scan on a regular basis. Things change in the SERP’s and onsite ALL the time and you need to keep ahead of this. This is why we offer you the chance to get a regular audit at an incredibly low price of only £7 a month. Not only that, its an extensive report!

Extensive report

This is the mother of all SEO audit reports.

With the extensive report you get full in-depth information about any details that can lower your sites SEO-value. You will also get rank tracking for your 10 most important keywords. This will give you valuable information on how your site is moving in the Google search engine result page (SERP) from month to month.

Our algorithm will scan regularly and send you a new report. This way you are always kept up to date on the health of your site.

Everything you get from the onetime £7 report, and a lot more in-depth details freshly scanned and delivered to your inbox, for only £7 per month.

To get all this great value at a really low monthly cost, choose option 2.