Online marketing agency – one for all, and all for..?

Online marketing agency

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Companies spend millions to get the best people working on their billboards and traditional add-campaigns. Then, when it comes to digital marketing they tend to believe they only need one online marketing agency to do all their online marketing.

Is this a good strategy?

Let’s create an example; The company “Greatbiz ltd” Is ready to start marketing their product.  Greatbiz looks to the traditional marketing methods. They choose billboards, local radio, TV, bus-ads and newspapers.

What are the chances they will make the billboard company create their radio campaign, or their radio-host write their newspaper article? My guess; probably non.

Then why should Greatbiz use only one online marketing agency for all their digital marketing, like social media, SEO, adwords, page-ads, blogs, big data, small, data, etc.

The probabilities of one agency being the best at EVERYTHING, are very small. Have you ever seen the world champion in bench press winning the sprint hurdle race? No? Of course not, they are different disciplines.  The same goes for digital marketing, – Different disciplines.

Online marketing agency – A forest of choices

Ok, let’s take a look at my favourite example, – US.

We call ourselves an online marketing agency, but we can’t, and we won’t do all the online stuff for you. There is a ton of digital marketing tools we would never even touch. Why? Because we are not great at them. We specialize only in SEO, SEM and web design. We chose to do this because these three are connected, and represent a small but efficient part of the digital marketing arena. And of course, because we accel at these marketing tools. The rest we stay away from.

My advice is to take a deep consideration on to what kind of digital marketing you want to use for your company. Then you can choose an agency. Find the people who are specialized in the exact type of marketing you are looking for. That way you get the best results.

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