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Google Adwords

Google AdWords gives you more customers!

Using Google Adwords and Google’s comprehensive ad network and display network, you can reach thousands of customers for the price you decide. Google currently has more than 20 million searches daily in Norway. Every fifth search is local search. Therefore, it’s very important to be on top of Google.

Whenever a customer searches for relevant search phrases related to your business, you may be able to display your custom ads against these searches. These are potential customers searching for what you sell and therefore gold worth if these clicks on your particular ad.

This advertising system pays for a bidding system. You decide what you want to bid per click and you decide what you want in your daily budget.

However, as the Google Adwords advertising system is incredibly efficient and advertisers provide high quality leads (remember they’ve searched for what you’re selling), the competition has also increased very and many knives about the best positions in a bidding round. This is where we come into the picture.

Google AdWords Campaign Optimizer

With the help of web analytics and campaign optimization, we make sure you do not pay more than is necessary. We make sure your ads appear optimally and work continuously to improve your profitability.

Google Adwords and Display Network via youtube and banner ads deal so much more than just cost-per-click and measurement of ad variations. We use sales psychology experts to give you advice and tips on what to do on the landing page as those who click.

Managing a Google AdWords campaign requires more than just creating campaigns and biding keywords, if it’s going to be profitable business for your business, you’ll need to implement tracking codes, work with bid optimization, remove unprofitable search phrases, measure conversion by keyword with more.
Save money using Google AdWords Consultants!

Finally, believing that you save money by doing the administration yourself, but the vast majority of people who conduct Google AdWords on their own initiative are outperformed because advertisers using consulting services know how to make optimal use of the system so advertisers only pay for profitability.

Before, you used to say that 50% of all marketing works – but you do not know which half.

With advanced measurement, one can now know more about which half does not generate stores and thus optimize the advertising effort.

Fill out the form below and we will do a free analysis of just how many people are searching for what you sell and offer of goods and services every month.
Google AdWords targeted advertising at its best!

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Google Adwords
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