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How does the FREE SEO audit work?

See EXACTLY what is holding you back in 2021

  1. Fill in the form on this page to get started.
  2. Add your websites URL.
  3. Add your email address.
  4. Add the two keywords you find most important for your site. If you are not sure, the program will give you suggestions based on the website URL you entered.
  5. Press “scan”
  6. Sit back and relax, the scan only takes a couple of minutes.

What do you get in the SEO Audit

The report will provide information about:

  1. Overall site performance
    1. Errors – how many issues NEEDS to be fixed
    2. Warnings – How many issues should be fixed
    3. Passed – how many parameters are already perfect
  2. Site visitors
    1. How much traffic does your site have?
      1. Alexa traffic rank
      2. Global traffic rank
    2. SEO factors
      1. Majestic trust level
      2. Pages indexed by Google
      3. Number of inbound links
      4. Keyword presence in important areas
      5. Images that will not appear in Google image search
      6. Domain trust flow
      7. Domain citation flow
      8. Tracking
    3. Technical issues
      1. Issues with “page not found”
      2. Server issues
      3. Broken images
      4. Broken anchors
      5. Page access issues
      6. Slow response time pages
    4. Homepage usability issues
      1. Page speed score on mobile
      2. Mobile usability
      3. Page speed score on desktop
    5. Popularity on social media
      1. Shows you how popular your site is on social media compared to your competitors.
    6. Rankings
      1. Shows whether your site is on the first page in various search engines for your favourite keywords.
    7. Toxic links
      1. Shows how many low quality and hurtful links that are pointing to your site.
    8. Compliance with Google requirements
      1. Number of pages with non-optimized title tag
      2. Number of pages with non-optimized description tag
      3. Number of pages with an excessive amount of outbound links
      4. Number of pages with non-optimized URL
      5. Number of pages with non-optimized heading
      6. Number of pages with search engine unfriendly redirects
      7. Ease of access to your site for search engines
    9. Best performers for your keywords
      1. Who are your competitors, and are you ranking amongst them?

An even more extensive report

For 90% of the websites in the world this will be enough to keep you busy amending your site for quite a while, to climb the rankings.

If your site on the other hand is already competing in the first page of Google in tough niches and having a hard time getting all the way to the top, you might need an even more extensive audit. Most sites on the first page of Google have already been through a lot of SEO work and are only separated by tiny details.

At this point any little detail found, will help you one step closer to the top. Our extensive reports are for sites that needs EVERYTHING to be perfect, to keep them competing.

Does this stuff even work?

In short, yes.

Rank no. 1 has been doing custom-SEO since 2012. We have always been working a “practice what you preach” Methodism to whatever we do.

We have made sure to always have top rankings for all of our preferred keywords in our target markets. Outranking thousands of SEO agencies in the UK, and hundreds of agencies in Scandinavia throughout the years, we have practiced what we preach.

You would be amazed to see how many SEO agencies are claiming to be the best at what they do, and still do not have any first page rankings. And in fact, it is not that hard to rank. You just need to do things right.

The best thing is that when you rank on top for your favourite keywords, you will also get traffic from various long tail search phrases you didn’t even think about.

Its estimated that about 70% of the organic search traffic origins from long tail searches. Meaning that all the traffic you would get from being number one for your keyword, would only account for 30% of the traffic driven to that landing page. It is quite amazing and something many don’t know.

Get the stuff from the SEO audit sorted out, and it WILL drive search traffic to your site! If you get everything done and want even more traffic, we can help you out with that as well. Our high authority links will make your on-site optimized site dominate your niche.

Get started with the report.

If you need any help with your SEO you are welcome to get in touch with us. Our UK team will take care of anything you need to get done to make your site fly.

Your online adventure starts with an SEO Audit.