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Rank nr.1 AS is an international SEO agency with headquarters in Kristiansand. We are an authorized Google partner and have our expertise in search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing means that we find the people who search for your goods or services, and lead them to your website. That way, you get access to potential customers who are in purchase mode on the item or service you provide. This differs from traditional marketing in that you only market to customers who have an interest in your product or service. Unlike traditional marketing where you shoot wide and hope to meet someone who is interested.

We have over many years developed our own methodology, which has proven to be very effective. Today, it creates measurably higher conversions for our customers and several of them experience significantly increased sales directly related to this type of marketing.

Our goal is to be the most competent and effective SEO agency in Europe. To achieve this goal, we focus on creating results for our customers and on providing personal follow-up. We are constantly attracting new expertise and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve. This is also why we top the search lists for the word “search engine optimization”, which is our industry’s own keyword.

Good values ​​are not just about creating good business for our customers. For us, it is also about using our resources to create good ripple effects beyond business offices and sales apparatus. That is why we are working with the Progreso Foundation to provide better conditions for marginalized people in Ecuador.

Rank No.1 has years of experience in the SEO, Search, Marketing and the Design industry. Along the way we have been recommended by others, recognised for awards and for multiple nominations. Our achievements mean that we are recognised for the trusted work and partnerships we build. We continue to align ourselves for future recognition’s and aspire to win further nominations and awards to show our clients we are the company to succeed and trust as their SEO partner.

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