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Recognised experts in search engine optimization (SEO), since 1996

Rank No.1 = Search Engine Optimization!

We make you visible on the internet by tailoring your website to Google’s search engine optimization and web design. This shows your websites high in Google search and you get a natural visibility on the web.

Rank No.1 are associated with a network of expertise that has a broad range of skills, dating back to the Internet’s infancy in the 90’s.

Competence Network has the status of Google Engage, and together we now offer visibility in the top 10 rankings (search engine optimization), strategic consulting, copywriting for web development and website / online store solutions.

Core Values

For Rank no.1, it’s important to be a resource in the community. We do this by following our internal ethical guidelines. Our ethical values ​​are evident in everything we do.

In rank no.1, we believe on values ​​founded on fellowship and interaction. It is through interaction and community that the best results are produced. At Rank no.1 we are aiming for that the results we provide our customers must be of the highest quality and that our work will stand as an example to follow.

Client goals are our goals. When the customer succeed in achieving their goals, we have also succeeded.

Rank no.1 believe in the possibility to influence and achieve results. We therefore wish to give of our profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a better place to live. We therefore allocate every year 10% of our budget surplus for purposes that share the same values ​​as Rank no.1.

All our customers are special, and collaboration with Rank No. 1 should be a positive experience that provides the basis for further growth in customers’ businesses. Our knowledge costs little but our values​​, you get free with your purchase.

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